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AWS notifications, messages and logs in a Slack Channel

21 Feb , 2018  


  • – Will be nice to have some basic programming knowledge
  • – You will need an AWS account to easily follow this course.
  • – Some exposure to the AWS Console and the AWS CLI will help a lot for this course
  • – A Slack Chat account ready to use. We are going to test an AWS/Slack integration

The idea of this course is to explore and learn different ways to publish AWS notifications, messages or logs into your Slack Chat.

First we are going to check some basic concepts and also the AWS services used in the course. Then we are going to deep dive into different ways we have to publish messages and logs to Slack:

1.- Triggering a lambda function from a SNS topic

2.- Triggering a lambda function from a Cloudwatch rules

3.- Triggering a lambda function directly from another AWS services.

4.- Publishing to slack using Slack API.

5.- Publishing to slack using an Incoming Webhook.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to integrate Slack and AWS
  • Anyone interested in learn the basic of Lambda functions
  • Anyone interested in using the Slack API and Slack Integrations
  • Anyone interested in use AWS SNS service


AWS notifications, messages & logs in Slack Channel




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