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Photoshop CC: The complete beginners guide


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  • You should have access to a computer or Mac with Adobe Photoshop (or a 7 day trial)


In order to take this course you will need the following:

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  • A computer or Mac
  • A working copy of Adobe Photoshop (You can download a 7 day trial from the Adobe Website)
  • An attitude to learn simple techniques to help you progress and learn Photoshop!

After receiving excellent feedback and five star ratings from my first Udemy course in after effects, I have decided to widen my audience and reach out to some Photoshop users. This course is all about helping beginners in photoshop start off correctly by learning the essentials.

Below is some student feedback that I have received on my Udemy courses:

I’ve needed a course like this! My animations have been looking too rigid but looking at some of the lessons I’m so excited for the outcome! I’m learning fast but with time to practice all the skills I’ve learnt with the assignments. Thank for creating this! – Timothy Stone – (UDEMY)

So looking forward to this course after watching your YouTube tutorials! Good value with so many resources! – Josh Bright – (UDEMY)

Really easy to understand. – Joe Lee – (UDEMY)

Thanks for these amazing Tutorials, great work as always! Never stop posting cause these are all amazing help for beginners like myself! – Danny M – (YOUTUBE)

Course Description

Photoshop CC: The complete beginners guide is built around getting new users and students familiar with Photoshop and its capabilities. There are many different uses for Photoshop and this course breezes over them with skill building lessons and then an assignment after each section. I have been teaching this software professionally for many years and I have seen student make the same mistakes over and over again, this course is built on ensuring you do not make these mistakes.

As I come from a teaching background I believe in skilling up students and then letting student out their skills to the test, so as I said above, each section has an assignment and this it to ensure that you aren’t just copying my video tutorials but you are actually taking the skills learnt and putting them into practice on a live brief lie you would have to in industry. Upon completion of the assignments please send them to us via the Discussion board or our Twitter/Facebook (Details can be found in my profile).

This course covers the following areas:


-Photoshop Interface 

-Brush tools 


-Filters and adjustment 




The course has a couple PDF Handouts along the way which explain the assignments so please feel free to download these. There are also some images uploaded which I use in my screencasts, again feel free to use these.

If you have signed up to this course I strongly advise you to use the Q+A board if needed and you can also tweet any feedback to me via my twitter, which is found on my profile. It would also be useful if you could leave a review/rating on the course. These are just some ways that I can get feedback of you to further improve my courses in the future!

Main Key Points

-Adobe Photoshop for beginners tailored on my teaching experience

-Advanced use of layer styles

-Creative assignment based upon student learning

-Practice task at the end of the course

-PDF handouts 

Target Audience

This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn Photoshop and avoid the rookie mistakes along the way!

Course Goals

-After taking this course, students will be confident in using Photoshop

-After taking this course, students will be able to perform basic retouch work on photos

-After taking this course, students will be able to create their own content in Photoshop without photos

-After taking this course, students will be able to edit and colour correct photos with ease

I really hope you enjoy this free course and get a lot of valuable information from it.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who are new to Photoshop should take this course to start developing Photoshop Skills



Photoshop CC: The complete beginners guide





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