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  • The learner must be familiar with Autodesk Maya.
  • And also be computer literate.

Welcome to our course Maya: Rigging with HumanIK, We are a studio with more than 10 years dedicated to the making of courses in the areas of computer science, 3D, animation and game creation.

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In this course, you are going to learn how to use the resources of HumanIK to create a complete rigging structure and also skeleton manipulators for a biped character.


First, you are going to import and set a character for the creation and rigging customization with HumanIK. You are going to create a skeleton and learn how to set both the position and the quantity of joints for the character.


After creating and customization of the skeleton, you are going to learn how to attach that joint structure to the mesh of a character. With the skeleton attached to the character mesh, you are going to learn how to import animation clips to be used in your projects.

In the end, those animations would be suitable to be exported or imported to game engines such as Unreal, Unity and others. To take up this course you will need a personal computer and some previous knowledge of Maya, which you will be able to get from our basic course of Maya, available at Udemy or in our website.


This course is aimed at illustrators, animators, designers or any other individual or professional who wishes to improve their techniques in rigging creation in Maya.

We highly recommend you to take this course, as it will surely contribute to improve the quality of your productions in Autodesk Maya.


Who is the target audience?
  • The course is aimed at Game Designers, 3D Generalists, 3D Modelers, Designers, Game Developers, Animators, CAD users, Product Designers, Jewelry Designers and people in general with a keen interest in 3D and Game Art.



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