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Supply Chain for Management Consultants

12 Mar , 2018  

  • Basic or intermediate Excel
  • Basic knowledge of economics or finance

What is the aim of this course?

This course will help you drastically improve your knowledge and skills in optimizing supply chain of any company through a series of practical cases. It is designed for people who want to become management consultants, business analysts or have to run and optimize supply chai on daily bases. In the course you will learn 3 things:

  1. How to understand supply chain activities
  2. How to optimize supply chain in order to get more things done, cheaper at higher quality with less resources
  3. Where to look for savings and improvements, how to calculate potential savings in Excel and implement them


How the course is organized?

The course is divided currently in 10 sections and will be adding new section to address other important issues. Currently you will find the following sections:

  • Introduction. We begin with little intro into the course as well as some general info on production
  • General information on Supply Chain. 
  • Retail – Examples of business analyses of Supply Chain. 
  • FMCG – Examples of business analyses of Supply Chain
  • SMCG – Examples of business analyses of Supply Chain.
  • Commodity – Examples of business analyses of Supply Chain
  • Distribution model – general information
  • Sales forecasting and customer service – general information
  • Production planning – general information
  • Purchasing – general information. Purchasing has big impact not only on cost but also the inventory levels. Wrong quality of products bought will lead to problems both in sales and in production.  In this section I will show you: goals of purchasing, purchasing value drivers, typical problems in purchasing

I will be adding new sections and lectures in the coming months


You will be able also to download many additional resources

  1. Excels with analyses shown in the course
  2. Presentation of slides show in the course
  3. Links to additional presentations and movies
  4. Links to books worth reading
Who is the target audience?
  • Consultants
  • Management Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Small and medium business owners
  • Startups founders
  • Controllers
Supply Chain for Management Consultants


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