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Under the Hood of Python – Transforming Noob to a Programmer

13 Mar , 2018  

  • Access to a computer with an internet connection
  • Appetite towards learning


In this course, I am going to teach you about:

  • Complete working style of Python– Along with the different components that python encounters during its execution
  • Installing Python in your environment along with the required IDE’s to start coding
  • Python Variables – More than just a container to store the data and access the data as compared to other languages and reason behind its name of Dynamically Typed Program
  • Different Data objects available in Python – Numbers, Strings, Boolean, List, Tuple, Set, Dictionary
  • Numbers- Complete details about Integer and Floating point numbers and ways to circumvent the surprising arithmetic’s of floating point numbers with a good introduction to Python Modules
  • Strings – Gain mastery over strings with different possible operations and see how they steal the pressure of coding!
  • Python Statements and operators – It is always required to logically and conditionally connect our data and code, here we will see how python brings that at its best!
  • Data structures[lists, tuples,dictionary,sets] – Data structuring in Python eases the process of developing an application and we will here see different options that are made available in Python along with its complete functionality
  • Loops – We will see how easy it is to connect your data and metadata with coding magics like loops and iterators in Python

You are going to reach perfection in python fundamentals by implementing following 5 projects that span across the topics that we discussed:

  1. Facebook Friend List Maker
  2. GPA Calculator 
  3.  Job Opportunity Checker
  4. Tweet Manager
  5. Game Development – “Reveal the secret”

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Who is the target audience?
  • For People Who want to get under the hood details of Python before picking up any advanced programming in python
  • People with long term dream of becoming Data Scientist, Machine Learning Practitioner or Web Developers, this is the first ever step you must cross
  • Any existing programmer or a newbie to programming world, who wants to gain the fundamentals of python right to become a professional Python programmer
Python – Transforming Noob to a Programmer


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