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Build Music Player in Html 5 css 3 & JavaScript (2 project )

15 Mar , 2018  

  • Any Web Browsers like Google Chrome,Mozilla firefox or Safari (preferable)
  • Text Editor as Brackets (recommended) || Notepad or Notepad ++ || Sublime
  • No pre knowledge require like Html or any -This is step by step oriented course from very scratch

Music Player Application development using Html 5 || css 3 || JavaScript & JQuery


Hi Nice People out there This is the very short course on Building two real world Music Player using Html 5 || css 3 || JavaScript and JQuery. In this course you will be learning that how to create the Music player application in very short span of time.

It sounds good- Isn’t it

Most of the time we listen and follow the other creation but here after completing this course you will have something new skills which can go with modern technologies existing out there – I hope this course will also increase your interactivity and skills throughout this course.


Will this course help you ?

Yeah sure This course will help you because it has unique feature of application development so if you are newbie or experienced one then it will just rock your skills and put great creativity in you for sure. This course is packed with the pure muscle of Modern technologies like Html 5 css 3 JavaScript and JQuery.

So why waiting lets take a look on course description and i am looking forward to see you inside.


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to build their own functional Music Player
  • Anyone who wants to turn their passion into application design using Html 5 css 3 & JavaScript
  • And who wants to bring their learnings at the next level in website design or website development



Music Player in Html 5 css 3 & JavaScript





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