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How to create a 2D game with Unity? LEVEL 1



  • Use PC or MAC

UNITY 2018 – Unity for beginners – Complete Explanation to create your first 2D game with UNITY


The best way to start creating a 2D game in the unit is to follow an example in its entirety.

In this course you will discover your first 2D game. This course gives you the answers, which means that by following this one-hour course, you have your first playable game!

Fear of the code? Are you that the code is too complicated or your brain is not made for that?

Well do not worry, in this LEVEL 1 course, I use very little line of code, your task will be to copy these lines of code to the desired location and everything works perfectly. These lines of code are written in CSHARP, C #. I use to move the character and move it, so this is the first thing to choose for any game you wanted me to create later.


12 Chapters:

  • Create your first project Project in Unity
  • Settings for his First Project
  • Create your character and make him move
  • That the camera follows the movement of the character
  • Create obstacles
  • Collision between the Character and the obstacle
  • Create infinite obstacles while playing
  • Create the decor
  • Create a score
  • Comment on launching our game?
  • What happens when we lose?
  • Addition and Storage

+ As a bonus you will be able to download 3 EBOOKS about:

  • How to install UNITY
  • How to install VISUAL STUDIO
  • Comment play his game on smartphone Smartphone Android or IOS
Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners
  • Passionate People
  • Curious People
  • Young and Old people



How to create a 2D game with Unity? LEVEL




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