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  • You need to have Microsoft Word 2016 installed and working on your computer
  • You need to have basic keyboard and mouse skills
  • [Optional] You’ve already taken my ‘Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016’ course here on Udemy
  • You have a DESIRE to learn

You know how you’ve taken that Word course at work and read endless tutorials at home, but you’re still not really any better with using Microsoft Word?

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Well, there are a number of reasons why that may be, but one of the biggies is that it’s too generic for what you need. It’s too plain. It tries to cover all possibilities but ends up covering none.


Exercise 1

In creating this letter (in modules 1-8) you only have to glance at the material that makes up this first exercise. It’s important to know about the introduction and backstage topics, as it’s a part of Word itself, but it is a little ‘dry’. It’s more for ‘being aware’ of what’s there. 

After that, it’s into the meat of the course – creating the letter itself.

First we setup our document, then we add our content to it. It’s not a simple case of copy and paste, no, we build this letter from the ground up.

Then we look at styles. In some detail. (If you’ve already taken my ‘Introduction to Word 2016’ course, you’ll already know how critical styles are to Word). This is the core of Word.

Word IS styles.

(And if you’re not using them correctly, you’re failing at Word. I guarantee it.)

Then we look at the headers and footers, then onto images, and then onto Word’s sections (module 7).

Boy-o-boy is section 7 a fun module!

Sections are THE most complicated and problematic part of Word. Fact.

But once you’ve been through this you’ll be left in no doubt what their purpose is, when to use them, and how to manage them.

That pretty much finishes off the first exercise.


Exercise 2 

In exercise 2, we create a report to a client’s brief.

I like to call this a ‘bread-and-butter’ exercise: I do it so often this is what puts the food on the table.

The client tells you what they want. They give you the design details (fonts, colours, spacing, etc.) and tell you to make the report look professional.

This is what we do here.

Again, I take you through, step-by-step:

  1. Setup the document environment
  2. Copy and paste the text in SAFELY (without corrupting Word)
  3. Clean up the formatting
  4. Add the page details and so on.

We also take a short detour to look through the other Word tabs.

Besides, we’re now transforming ourselves from Word amateur into a Word Pro, so we need to know where everything is!

Then it’s back to finalise the document, insert our table, manipulate our images, add our indexes and references and then we’re done.

Done, delivered, and dusted!

Congratulations Word Pro!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has a desire to learn how Microsoft Word is used in real-life (not laboratory) conditions
  • Those who want to get better with Word (quickly)
  • Users who desire promotion and more money at work
  • Freelancers who want to deliver results quicker
  • Self-publishers who want to learn how Word really works
Learn Microsoft Word 2016 for Beginners

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