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Learn RUST : The Complete Guide Udemy Course Coupon




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  • A computer with a Rust-enabled IDE
  • Desire to learn Rust

Rust is a general purpose, low level programming language created by Mozilla. It was designed as a systems programming language with an emphasis on being safe, concurrent and practical.

Its syntax is similar to C++, but it practices better memory safety while maintaining performance. Developers praise it for its speed and safety.

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It was recently awarded the title of ‘most loved programming language’ in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey.


This course will covers following topics:


  1. Basic Fundamental of Rust Programming Language like variables,comments etc
  2. Decision Making Statements
  3. Conditional Statements
  4. Tuples
  5. Functions
  6. Shadowing
  7. Struct
  8. Tuples
  9. Strings
  10. Arrays


File Manipulation etc, Get Your Certified Rust Developer.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wanting to increase their programming skill set
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Learn RUST : The Complete Guide Course

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