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AdMob ionic 3 | ionic 2 – Make Money from Android/IOS APP



  • Basic HTML and JS Knowledge is required

Are you an ionic developer building mobile application for IOS/Android and want to make revenuefrom it ?? If yes, then this course is for you. 

You can implement a AdMob free plugin in your ionic application which enables you to show advertisements in your application which helps you generate revenue. 

Why AdMob?

* Powered by Google’s ad technology

* Cross-Platform capability

* Earn, Easy and free

* Over 1 million app use AdMob

* $1 billion+  paid to developers

*  Fast reliable payments in local currencies

* High CPM and best fill rates.

* Industry leading mediation platform.

In this course,  we will use Admob Free Plugin which can be used with ionic 2/ ionic 3 applications.

My name is RapidDevPro, I am a Web Developer, App Developer and Tech Entrepreneur. I have published many APPS on google play which are implementing AdMob and generating really good amount of passive income for me. All this is possible because of AdMob. In my experience so far, I must say it is the best mobile advertising platform I have ever used till now.


I think there are many developers out there who are making really good applications but they are lacking a financial perspective. All these apps have good potential to generate revenue by implementing this AdMob platform in their applications 🙂 I think this course will give you 100x return of what you invest because it guides you to how to make money from the App.


Who is the target audience?
  • Developers working on ionic applications and looking for ways to generate revenue from their APPS by implementing Ad’s.
  • Ionic Developers who want to integrate AdMob in their applications.


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AdMob ionic 3 | ionic 2 – Android/IOS APP

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