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Best Udemy Free Courses 2023,Tech and Progrmming,Web Development,Wordpress Website Development Course

WordPress for Web Development Top Udemy Course



  • No web development or design knowledge is required
  • Windows, Mac, or Linux Machine



Learn to code How to Build beautiful WordPress Website from Scratch, Web Development For WordPress.


In this course, You are going to learn best to-do list to create Beautiful WordPress Website:

  • Introduction to WordPress Design and Development
  • You are goint to learn how to create local server, WordPress file structure & how it can impact Google SEO. 
  • Designing a beautiful theme & create header & footer part of the site dynamic, understanding about wp-content. 
  • How to customize wordpress website for much better website design & creating addition CSS as required.
  • Creating wordpress page template, Creating Menus, Sidebar, Widgets, Theme Thumbnail etc.
  •  How to create “404 Page”, “wp_query()” To Create a Catagory Page.


  How to Make Website Mobile Friendly

     In this course you are going to learn how to create Website Mobile-friendly & Integrate AMP for better speed or performance.

  • an introduction to media queries 
  • The Viewport Tag
  • Why is “responsive” important
  • Install Bootstrap
  • Rows and columns
  • Headlines and Typography
  • Applying styles to your website
  • What you just learned will help you with Child Themes 

How to create Child Theme For parent website

In this course, you are also going to understand how to create a Child theme in Sub-Directory for better User-Experience & better Functionality.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who start Develop beautiful Websites
  • Designers who want a quick solution to creating dynamic or Responsive websites
  • Programmers who want to get started with the WordPress platform
  • Contractors and Freelancers who want to add WordPress to their skillset
Top Course WordPress for Web Development

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