• You should be interested in test automation 🙂
  • Basic programming skills is good to have but not required
  • Java must be installed on your computer

Welcome to an incredible world of test automation

Have you ever heard about test automation? What about Selenium? Would you like to automate your tests? Or probably you just want to automate some routine work in browser?

Yes, it is very interesting topic, it is great career opportunity and challenging job!

But did you know that Selenium is not the best solution for each project?

In this course I will introduce you an amazing world of test automation using Sahi – powerful web automation tool which you can learn very quickly and after an hour use it in your job and significantly improve your performance.

You will be focused only on writing the effective tests. And powerful web automation tool will take care of anything other then business logic.

Happy learning!

Who is the target audience?
  • Manual testers who want to upgrade their skills
  • Anyone interested in test automation
learn Selenium Test Automation: quick start