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Android Developer in 7 days | Step by Step

21 May , 2018  

  • No previous programming experience is required! I will teach you what you need to know.
  • You will need a computer running Microsoft Windows, or Linux, or a Mac running OS X.



In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Android and build an app .  I will walk you through downloading the necessary software (Android Studio and the Java Development Kit), teach you the fundamentals of programming, and at the end we will build a two android apps.  You will accomplish all this in 7 days.

What are you going to learn from this Top Rated Android Development Course:

  • How to Install Netbeans & Java Best IDE.
  • Installing Android Studio.

Learn to Code Basic of Java:

  • Variable Concept.
  • Priorities Of Operations, Increment or Decrement, Build Logic.
  • If Statement, Switch Statement, For Loops, While… Do While Loop.
  • Break Continue, Functions, Local & Global Variables, One Dimension Array, Two Dimensional Array.

Learn Java Concepts From Basic to Advanced For Android App Development:

  • Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Class
  • Constructors in Java with Example
  • Java Inheritance 
  • Encapsulation Concept
  • What is Static Keyword or Static Method in Java
  • Threads
  • Runnable
  • Array & Linked List

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Learn Basic of Android Development:

  • XML Basic
  • Linear & Relative Layout, Table Layout.
  • Fragment
  • Working with Intent
  • Build Currency Converter App Android
  • Learn about Listview, Broadcast, Multi-Thread, Runnable or Handler.
  • Services

Final Project; Build Tic Tac Toe Game


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to be an app developer: This is a complete course, just like my Complete Web, iOS and Apple Watch courses. It will teach you how to make money from your apps as well as how to code.
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code: Java is a fantastic language to learn how to code with.
  • Anyone who wants to learn android but afraid of contents


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Android Developer in 7 days | Step by Step


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