Learn all the Linux skills that will get you a career as a professional Linux System Administrator

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Complete Linux course: Become a Linux professional

9 Jun , 2018  



Very good course. Easy to follow and they provide PDFs. – Jeffrey

Welcome to our Linux community of over 35000 successful students who enrolled in our courses! 

This course is presented for you to start a career as Linux System Admin with all you need to apply for a job as a professional. My name is Muhammed Torkey and i have been working with Linux since 2003, I’ve worked in so many companies as a system admin and have been given the opportunity to learn from experts and developed a lot of skills in the work field and henceforth i would present for you what you exactly need to become a successful system admin.

What am i going to present in this course ?!

The course is aimed to teach linux for beginners, intermediates and even advanced system admins who wish to develop their skills in Linux. Starting all the way from the Linux basics up to how manage an entire platform. So i am going to start with :

  • How it all started ( Linux History )
  • Building your work lab ( Linux installation )
  • Linux basic commands ( Mastering the command line )
  • Secure linux by understanding how to manage users,groups and file permissions
  • Linux editors ( vi and nano )

Build your Lab On Virtual Box:

  • Download and install Virtual Box or VMware on CentOS
  • learn how to Install Virtual Box on Windows
  • learn to create your first Virtual Machine
  • Download and Install CentOS on Virtual Machine
  • How to Connect to Linux through putty

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Linux Command Line in detail:

  • List Files and Directories- In this lecture, learn how to list files and directories, how to move between directories and how to find your path location
  • Move between Directories
  • Create Directories
  • Create Files
  • Delete Files and Directories
  • Copy Files and Directories
  • Move Files and Directories
  • Rename Files and Directories using the mv command
  • Print file content to the screen
  • View Files using “less” command
  • Pipes and Redirection
  • Files Archiving
  • File Compression using (gzip , bzip2)
  • Archiving and Compression using (tar)
  • Learn more about Soft Links and Hard Links

Learn User, Groups, Files and Directories Permission

String Processing (head, tail, WC, sort, cut, paste ) and Finding Files

Packet Management:

  • Download and Install Packages using RPM
  • Download and Install Packages using Yum
  • Yum Repositories

Linux Network Configuration:

  • Learn more about network configuration
  • configure Network with Network Manager Command Line
  • Network tools
  • Network Clients ((ssh, scp, ftp, wget )
  • Rsync


Complete Linux Training Course to Get Your Dream IT Job

Complete Linux Training Course to Get Your Dream IT Job

Linux Security:

  • Securing Shell (Change default port, Prevent root access)
  • Securing Shell (Public/Private Keys)
  • Securing shell ( managing ip allow and deny )
  • Download and Install & Configuring antiviruses (ClamAV and LMD)
  • IPtables
  • Firewalld


And then i’ll move on to:

  • Forming regular expressions to define patterns with various Linux commands
  • Installing and managing packages in Linux
  • Linux Network configuration
  • Linux File System Management
  • Linux security
  • Managing process and monitoring tools
  • ( Bonus Section ) almost everything about secure shell 


With that there will be PDF’s on keywords and expressions and more info for those who like to know more about details and there will be quizzes to challenge yourself with. 24 hour support for any questions or suggestions in the discussion forum

And now after this description you must be concerned on what are you going to get out of this course by the end ! 

By the end of this course, you will have the skills that will qualify you to apply for jobs that require Linux system admins and be able to preform in real life situations. It would be wonderful if you could provide your most valuable review for this course and help us improve it further. feel free to share your thoughts on different topic in detail.


Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners, intermediates and anyone who would like to learn Linux and seek a job as a professional system admin


Learn all the Linux skills that will get you a career as a professional Linux System Administrator


Complete Linux course: a Linux professional




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