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Complete Linux Training Course to Get Your Dream IT Job

12 Jun , 2018  


  • Desire to learn and a Computer


Module 1 – Understanding Linux Concepts

  • What is Linux?
  • Everyday use of Linux
  • Unix vs. Linux
  • Quiz, Homework and Handouts


Module 2 – Download, Install and Configure

  • What is Oracle Virtual Box?
  • Downloading and Installing Oracle Virtual Box
  • Creating virtual machine
  • Linux Distributions
  • Different way to install Linux
  • Downloading and Installing Linux (CentOS)
  • Redhat Linux installation (Optional)
  • Linux Desktop (GUI)
  • Virtual Machine Management
  • Linux vs. Windows
  • Who Used Linux?
  • Quiz, Homework and Handouts

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Module 3 – System Access and File System

  • Introduction to Linux system
  • Accessing Linux system
  • Download and install Putty
  • Connect Linux VM via Putty
  • Important Things to Remember in Linux
  • Changing Password
  • Introduction to File System
  • File system structure description
  • File system navigation commands
  • File System Paths
  • Directory listing overview
  • Creating Files and Directories
  • Finding Files and Directories (find, locate)
  • Wildcard (*, $, ^)
  • Combining and Splitting Files (cat and cut)
  • Soft and Hard Links (ln)
  • Quiz, Homework and Handouts

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Module 10 – All About Interview

  • What is IT?
  • IT Components
  • Apply for Linux jobs and what to expect
  • Interview workshop
  • IT Job Statistics
  • Linux Operating System Jobs
  • IT Management Jobs
  • 200+ interview questions
  • Homework
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to have complete Linux training to get a job in IT
  • Anyone who is already in IT but wants to advance his/her career
  • Anyone who wants to master the Linux command line


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Linux Training Course Go Get Dream IT Job





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