Learn Flowcode from scratch

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Learn Flowcode from scratch

13 Jun , 2018  

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  • Basic knowlage about Logic (optional)
  • Install Flowcode6 or Flowcode7 in your machine

This is a course to teach you how to use Flowcode, which is a software to program microcontrollers like PIC and Arduino

I’ve made simple videos so that you can take this quick overview about it.

Topics covered:

1. Introduction about Flowcode program 
2. Outputs using Flowcode
3. Delay using Flowcode
4. Variables using Flowcode
5. Loops using Flowcode
6. Operations using Flowcode
7. Decisions using Flowcode
8. Inputs using Flowcode
9. Macro using Flowcode
10. LCD using Flowcode

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who like to learn about Flowcode
  • Anyone how like to learn how to program microcontrollers using flowchart!
  • Anyone who has passion in Microcontrollers


Learn Flowcode from scratch


Learn From Complete introduction Flowcode