Operating Systems Master Operating System Concepts

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Operating Systems: Master Operating System Concepts

13 Jun , 2018  

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Have you ever wondered how is it possible that your computer works?

How is it possible that your application is able to run on multiple devices?

How is it possible that multiple applications can run at the same time?

all of that works because of Operating System.


Save your time by taking this course, in this course, you will learn what is an Operating system, and how it works.

This course should teach you how operating system works, how multitasking works, how scheduling works, what is a process, thread, deadlock and so much more. Also, I am here to guide you, my job does not end by making video lectures. So if you have any questions about anything You can always reach out to me, and mostly I respond within a day.

Another thing I want to mention is that I believe that fast and engaging lectures are better for students, because they keep them concentrated, if you have a slow lectures, students get bored and learns nothing so that is why this course is designed to be fast, I manage to squeeze all the important things into few hours course.


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What are you going to learn from this course:

Operating Systems Basics:

  • What is Operating System?
  • Monolithic and Microkernel

Processes, Threads, Scheduling:

  • What is Process?
  • Processes life cycle
  • Scheduler
  • Threads
  • Process in UNIX
  • Process in Windows
  • Multiprocessing
  • QUIZ | Processes, threads

Scheduling Algorithms:

  • O(n) and O(1) Scheduler
  • Completely Fair Scheduling

Process Synchronization:

  • Introduction, Atomic operation
  • Semaphore
  • Mutex, Critical section
  • Event, Signal
  • Monitor
  • QUIZ | Synchronization


  • What is Deadlock?
  • Detection and Recovery
  • Prevention
  • Prevention

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand what Operating System does
  • Explain and Understand Synchronization Primitives
  • Explain and Understand What are Process and Thread
  • Explain and Understand Scheduling Algorithms
  • Explain and Understand Deadlock

So do you wonder how operating system works? I believe you found the course for you. 

Thanks for your time and I will see you in the course. It would be wonderful if you could leave review for this course and help us improve this course further. feel free to ask any questions.


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is wondering how Operating Systems works
  • Every Software Engineer
  • Everyone who wants to know how Operating Systems works
Operating Systems Master Operating System Concepts
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