C++ programming step by step from beginners to advance level

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C++ programming step by step from beginner to advance level


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  • You do not need to have any prior knowledge of programming. This is for absolute beginners.
  • You only need to know how to create a folder and how to save files in folder in any operating system like Mac or Windows.
  • You can start writing C++ program using any text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ or Sublime text or Atom
  • You can also use advance IDEs like Visual Studio or Xcode or Code::Blocks – I will demonstrate how to download and install each of them – No Worries.
  • You will also need C++ compiler – I will demonstrate how to install C++ compiler on your system at the beginning.
  • You can also use online C++ compiler to compile and execute your program.

This course will teach you C++ from scratch upto advance level step-by-step. The object oriented programming concepts are clearly explained, you will learn classes, objects, inheritance, runtime polymorphism, Operator overloading apart from basic programming concepts like variables, branching and looping, functions, reference parameters, arrays, string and vectors.

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What are you going to learn from this course:

Learn How to use different IDE to write, compile and execute C++ programs:

  • Download, install and use Code:: Blocks for your C++ program under Windows – If you are using Windows and want to know how to Download, install and use Code:: Blocks IDE then please watch this lecture. Here apart from download and installation procedure, you will also learn how to create a C++ project within Code:: Blocks and how to compile and execute C++ project under Code:: Blocks.
  • Download, install and use Visual Studio under Windows– If you are using Windows and want to know how to Download, install and use Visual Studio IDE then please watch this lecture. Here apart from download and installation procedure, you will also learn how to create a C++ project within Visual Studio and how to compile and execute C++ project under Visual Studio.
  • How to use Xcode for writing C++ programs under Mac – Here you will see how you can download, install and use Xcode IDE for writing C++ programs under Mac OS
  • Using text editor and command shell for writing and executing C++ program – Learn how you can use a text editor like Sublime Text (or any other text editor you like) to write your C++ program and how to compile and execute from command shell (Terminal). You will get to know how to setup the ‘Path’ parameter for GCC compiler under Windows as well


Understand the first program, variables, data types, operators, taking input:


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  • Understand the first program that prints “Hello World” – First Part.- 
  • Print “Awesome”
  • Understand variables – how to store data in memory– Understand variables and data types. Learn how your program can keep data in the memory.
  • Reference variable – Understand what is reference variable and how that can be declared. This is a special C++ way.
  • Arithmetic operations in C++ – learn how you can do arithmetic operations in C++
  • Take input from keyboard – Learn how to take input from keyboard in a C++ program.
  • Taking input from console and printing back -Check if you can perform very basic input output operations or not.
  • Understand what is Explicit casting and when you need it.
  • lvalue, rvalue and assignment operator – Some useful information about assignment operator. You will learn about lvalue and rvalue
  • Unary increment (++) and decrement (–) operator – These two Unary operators are extensively used in C++, you must have clear concept on how they are used
  • Relational operators – helps to compare two values – Learn all about the following relational operators:>, <, >=, <=, == and !=They are extensively used while comparing 2 values in C++.
  • Logical operators – Logical AND operation
  • Logical OR operation
  • Logical NOT operation
  • Shortcut assignment operators
  • Arithmetical Operators

If else and switch statement – how to do branching:

  • If-else statement.- Learn all about if-else statement with example.
  • If-else if statement – when we need to test more conditions.- 
  • Write a program to check leap year
  • Write a C++ program to calculate Income Tax- This lecture will demonstrate how to write a C++ program using if-else-if statement to calculate income tax when the tax slabs are given
  • Conditional operator – the only ternary operator in C++. Alternative to if-else
  • switch-case statement 

Loop – iterate over a section of code:

  • While loop.
  • While loop example – C++ program to find factorial of a number.
  • Write another program using while loop – Find sum of numbers using while. 
  • While loop to find sum of digits of a number.
  • What will happen if you put semicolon at the end of while statement
  • For loop
  • More information on for loop. 
  • Printing multiplication table using for loop
  • Fibonacci series using for loop
  • Nested loops – one loop inside another
  • Finding factors of a number and chech for Prime number.
  • Use of break keyword within a loop
  • Example program that uses break 
  • Learn how ‘continue’ works within loop

How to generate random integers in C++ program:

  • How we can generate random numbers in C++ programs and how to initialize seed – Learn how you can generate random integer numbers in C++ program

Modularise your program using function:

  • Introduction to user defined function
  • Passing parameters to function
  • Function prototype declaration
  • Passing Reference parameter to function. 
  • Example showing benefit of passing reference parameter
  • A function to check Armstrong Number 
  • Write a function to check if a number is Prime number or not. 
  • Function Overloading, compile time Polymorphism

Pointers in C++ :

  • Understanding Pointer Basics – Basic understanding of pointer, memory address.

Array – basic data structure:

  • Introduction to Array
  • Input and output operations with 1 dimensional array
  • Array initialization
  • Relationship between 1D array and pointers
  • How to pass array to function
  • Passing array by reference to a function. 
  • Two dimensional array- Learn all you need to know about 2 dimensional array.

Inheritance – The strongest feature of Object Oriented Programming.:

  • Part 1: Inheritance – Basic concept
  • Managing constructor in Inheritance – constructor redirection.
  • Super-type pointer and sub-type object – Dynamic polymorphism.
  • Dynamic Polymorphism in depth – how it helps.
  •  Concept of pure virtual function.
  • Another example that uses pure virtual function and dynamic polymorphism
  • Concept of interface – a class with all abstract behaviors.


The approach is 100% practical, hands on experience of learning will help you to get more confidence. You can follow me along side doing the programs and that will be best way to do the course.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for absolute beginners in programming. No previous knowledge in programming required.
  • Beginner in programming and looking forward to start a career as a programmer, this course is for you. It is always recommended to start with C++ as it is a perfect blend of procedural and Object oriented programming.
  • If you have C++ in your school or college curriculum then this course will perfectly match your need. This course is designed according to the academic syllabus of the college curriculum.
  • You want to be a game programmer but you are kind of confused about the programming language to start with then start with C++ a natural choice for unreal engine.
C++ programming step by step from beginners to advance level
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C++ programming beginners to advance level

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