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Excel Map Dashboard with VBA

Best Udemy Free Courses 2023,Must have Skill (Microsoft)

Excel Map Dashboard with VBA



  • You should have intermediate and upper Excel knowledge and you should be active Excel user.
  • MS Excel 2016 was used in education but MS Excel 2010 and MS Excel 2013 are also suitable.

First of all I’m not just an instructor. I know what employees in related sectors need. While you are watching this training, you will get the answer immediately if you have a question.


Because I have the same perspective as you. When the training is over, you will find answers to all the questions you are wondering up to now and you will not believe the competence you have earned.


There is no unnecessary information in this training. No time lost. Each tutorial is packed with important information and details that no one will easily share with you. The course is entirely project-based and offers you what you need.

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You will also learn where and how to use the information you have learned.


Who is the target audience?
  • To take advantage of all the features of MS Excel, to write macros and to design KPI Dashboard.
  • Bankers, Accountants, Teachers, Marketers, Salespeople, Health Sector Employees and All Other Professional Groups
  • Those who are curious about writing and who want to curb this curiosity with VBA
  • Those who are dealing with reporting and want to take it to the next level
  • Those who want to influence the manager and raise or get promoted


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Interactive Excel Map Dashboard with VBA




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