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IELTS Speaking - Fast-track to band 6+

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IELTS Speaking – Fast-track to band 6+



What Will I Learn?
  • Show an understanding of the IELTS speaking test, its purpose, aims and format
  • Show an understanding of the band descriptors
  • Use the given quick tips in your answer
  • Evaluate sample answers, spot mistakes and learn from them
  • Construct your own answers, using the provided tips and resources


  • Modest user of spoken English (band 5 – 5.5)
  • A computer, or any mobile device (laptop, tablet, smart phone)
  • Headphones or earphones
  • Good Internet speed


It is recommend that you take this course to complement other courses that provide a solid foundation for your spoken English. This series is meant to highlight quick tips and helpful resources to help you improve in a short time, but it will not teach you English in a conventional way, starting from the most primary knowledge. 

Pronunciation will not be covered in this course, so you will need to browse for an intensive pronunciation course on the website or elsewhere if you wish. 


The IELTS Speaking – Fast-track to band 6+ course has been created with the goal of helping thousands of learners and test takers to conquer the IELTS Speaking test. If you are a band 5 to 5.5 candidate, this course could be very helpful to you. 

We are a team of experienced educators, educational designers and former IELTS high-achievers, and we are dedicated to support you through the challenging and stressful journey to achieve your target speaking score. 

How will this course benefit you?

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  • Explanation of the IELTS Speaking band descriptors, to help you understand how you will be assessed
  • Examples of recent IELTS test questions, with detailed comparison between a band-5 answer and a model answer 
  • Quick and easy tips for all three parts of the IELTS test
  • Guided practice, focusing on time management and simulation of real the test environment
  • BONUS vocabulary cheat sheets to help you build confidence for the IELTS speaking test
  • Quizzes to help you check your understanding of lecture materials 
  • Active discussion boards, where you questions will be answered!

What are the features of your learning package? 

  • High-quality video lectures, with captions available
  • High-quality video with music 
  • Vocabulary cheat sheets
  • Quizzes 
  • Discussion board Q&A.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to improve their IELTS speaking score
  • You need a proof of your spoken English proficiency, whether you are a young student about to enter university, or a professional who needs an IELTS speaking score for work purposes.
  • You would preferably have some knowledge of the IELTS speaking test structure and the requirements for the desired band.
  • You would preferably have taken the IELTS speaking test before, and your result fell into the 5 – 5.5 range.


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Learn IELTS Speaking – Fast-track to band 6+





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