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Object Oriented Programming(OOP) – Become a Master developer

10 Jul , 2018  

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What Will I Learn In Object Oriented Programming Language (OOPS) ?
  • Classes
  • Objects
  • Member Variables
  • Member functions
  • Inheritance
  • Parent classes
  • Child Classes
  • Polymorphism
  • Overloading
  • Data Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Constructors
  • Destructors
  • Calculator exercise
  • Database connection exercise


  • Very Basic knowledge of any programming language – PHP, Javascript or Python

Object oriented programming is a way to write code such that it is more efficient and built around classes and objects. Its a standard around the world that every programmer must be good in. 

Many people fail programming interviews that would have led them to a better paying jobs just because they failed the OOP questions. This Object Oriented Programming course is centered around building your capacity in that area. Hopefully this is the best course you will find on this topic on the internet.  


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Which Topic are Covered in this Course (Object Oriented Programming Languages):

  • what is a class?
  • what is $this?
  • How to instantiate a class
  • Laravel and ionic examples
  • What is a constructor?
  • what is a destructor?
  • Making reference to member variables


  • what is inheritance?
  • What is function overriding?
  • scopes
  • private, protected and public
  • introduction to interfaces
  • extending interfaces
  • What is an Abstract Class?
  • static members and methods
  • Final keyword

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There is a problem with many courses around the internet that I have seen on Object Oriented programming, they don’t relate the concepts they have taught to real world examples. This course comes complete with two practical exercises on how to build real world applications with OOP. 


Feel free to ask any questions as you take each video. Welcome!

It would be wonderful to leave review for this course, feel free to download and ask as many questions as you want. Object Oriented Programming Language are common part of all Modern Programming Languages Including PHP, Javascript, C++, Python etc.


Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner programmers who wish to really understand object oriented programming once and for all
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Learn Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

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