Learn how to create Android apps without coding and publish them on the Google Play Store!

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Build Android Apps without coding & Publish On Google Play Store!

12 Jul , 2018  

What Will I Learn?
  • Creating Android quiz games
  • Creating tool apps (for example an app which can read texts for you and a translator)
  • Publish an app to the Play Store!
  • Add ads to the quiz games


  • You need a computer.
  • If you want to publish your app on the Google Play Store, you’ll need a developer account. (It costs onetime 25$, money goes to Google)

Have you always wanted to create your own Android apps but you don’t know how to code?

Would you love to publish your own apps to the Play Store and get many downloads?

Do you want to earn money passively with apps but don’t know how to do this?

Then this video course is the solution for your problems! 

I’m Linus and I had the same problems like you 2 years ago. I found solutions for them and published apps with overall 170,000 downloads. With this video course I want to tell you about the way I achieved this.

You will learn:

  1. how to create a Android quiz app without coding.
  2. how to earn money with this app.
  3. how to publish your apps to the Play Store.
  4. how to create tool apps (in the course we will create a translator app and an app which can read out texts)


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Which Topics are Covered in this course:

App Builder

  • Registration
  • App Design
  • Images & Content/Levels
  • Icon
  • Game settings
  • AdMob (Monetization)
  • Create an ad
  • Generate app
  • Structure of App Builder
  • Download App

Google Play Store

  • Get more downloads! (ASO)
  • Free extra course for ASO!
  • Create developer account for Google Play
  • Writing the Google Play entry
  • Upload apk to Google Play and doing the distrubtion
  • Publish the app
  • How to delete the app from Google Play
  • Update the app


Do you want to learn this and be successful like me? Then use your motivation, buy this course and start building your apps! You don’t need any foreknowledge!

And if there are still doubts: Udemy has a money-back-warrenty. If you are of the opinion, that the course is not worth the money, you can return it and get your money back.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who want to create Android apps without coding!
  • People who want to publish an app on Google Play!
  • People who want to know tips for getting more downloads for their apps!
  • People who want earn money passively with apps!


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Build Android Apps Development without Coding






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