Ethical Hacking Learn to secure,How Hackers hack anonymously

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Ethical Hacking: Learn to secure,How Hackers hack anonymously


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What Will I Learn?
  • A lot of videos to learn penetration testing from scratch
  • Learn the conflict of the different types of HACKERS

  • Learn LINUX and dealing with terminal

  • Learn how port forwarding works and how to perform it without any problem
  • Learn Social engineering Toolkit
  • Learn Metasploits
  • Learn how to create FUD Encrypted Payloads
  • Learn Embedding
  • Learn Sniffing
  • learn Spoofing
  • Learn Cloning
  • Learn how can a hacker hack windows system using only a WORD OFFICE FILE
  • Learn how can a hacker save his hack on a system
  • Learn how can a HACKER mix his knowledge to perform the best HACK operation
  • Learn some commands that a HACKER use to control the victim after the hack
  • You will get motivated to complete your learning on penetration testing
  • You will know the right way to complete your journey in penetration testing



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  • Internet connection access to install some tools

            Welcome to your course, this course will help every on; no matter how knowledge he has in penetration testing! if you’re a beginner then you will get the right start, and if you have previous knowledge, check the titles I believe that you will learn new things.

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            In this course we will use LINUX as an Operating System, so if you want to learn LINUX and interacting with the terminal then this course can help in that,also this course will help you specially to know how hackers can hack windows which can help them of course to get all the accounts information and a lot of very sensitive data, adding that lessons can help you to get familiar with a lot of hacking tools.

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This course would be definitely you best choice if you’re the type of persons which like to know what’s happening behind the HACKING operations curtains, because every operation is well explained from all sides.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who want to learn penetration testing from scratch
  • People who want to secure their data and information, because if you know how is the hacking then you can avoid it
  • People who have experience on penetration testing and want to develop their skills
  • People who want to know what’s the best way on hacking without getting any doubt on them
  • People who want to learn LINUX and the interact with terminal
  • People who want to know what are the week points of their computers and networks
  • People who wants to interact with Hacking and Security
  • People who want to know what is the best and the right way to continue in learning penetration testing


Ethical Hacking Learn to secure,How Hackers hack anonymously


Ethical Hacking: How Hackers hack anonymously




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