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MongoDB with PHP - Build OOP Website Prepare for the future

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Learn MongoDB with PHP by building OOP Website with Modals



  • Basic PHP/SQL programming

Learn to work with Mongo, Compass, and PHP by building an OOP website together.



If you want to create a blog using MongoDB and PHP, this article will teach you to:

  • Connect to a MongoDB database
  • Save documents in a collection
  • Query documents in a collection
  • Perform range queries
  • Sort documents, update a document, delete one or more documents from a collection


What is MongoDB

MongoDB with PHP – Build OOP Website Prepare for the future. According to the official website, MongoDB is a document database that provides high performance, high availability, and easy scalability. MongoDB falls into the group of document-oriented NoSQL databases. For other subtypes of NoSQL databases, see here.


MongoDB Concepts: Databases, Collections, and Documents

  1. Database: MongoDB groups data into databases in the very same way as most relational databases do. If you have any experience with relational databases, you should think of these the same way. In an RDBMS, a database is a set of tables, stored procedures, views, and so on. In MongoDB, a database is a set of collections. A MongoDB database contains one or more collections. For example, a database for a blogging application named blog may typically have the collections of articles, authors, comments, categories, and so on.

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  1. Collection: A collection is the equivalent of an RDBMS table. A collection exists within a single database. Collections do not enforce a schema. Documents within a collection can have different fields. Typically, all documents in a collection have a similar or related purpose.


  1. Documents: A record in a MongoDB collection and the basic unit of data in MongoDB. Documents are analogous to JSON objects but exist in the database in a more type-rich format known as BSON. A document contains a set of fields or key-value pairs. The best way to think of a document is as a multidimensional array. In an array, you have a set of keys that map to values (Document == Array). See Documents.

Installing the PHP driver for MongoDB

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The MongoDB server is built to already work with your current web server, but not PHP. To make PHP talk to the MongoDB server, we are going to need the PHP-MongoDB driver. It is a PHP extension library.

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Add an interesting website to your portfolio and learn how to insert and retrieve pictures directly in MongoDB, Find, Cursor, Projection, Push.

Who is the target audience?
  • PHP learners
  • Create Website using MongoDB With PHP
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Learn MongoDB and PHP – Build OOP Website

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