Build and Test C Programming Skills

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Build and Test C Programming Skills


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What Will I Learn?
  • Covers all topics of C programming and Basic concepts from C++.
  • Course contains 36 Video lectures. It covers approximately 150+ solved tricky questions.
  • There are 15 Topic Quizzes, 2 Final Quizzes, and 03 Assignments containing more than 200+ unsolved tricky questions. The explanation of all Quiz questions is available.



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  • You should have knowledge of basic concepts in C programming.
  • You should be aware about C programming execution enviornment.

Topics covered in the Course are :

  • Data Types, Scope of variables, Type conversions, Control Statements, Operators in depth working
  • Relationship between Array and Pointers, Accessing Array elements using Pointers,  Pointer to Array, Array of Pointers, Pointer to Functions, Pointers and Strings, Double and Triple Pointers, Returning Pointer from Functions, Passing Pointer to Functions.
  • Functions : Call By Value, Call By Reference, Prototypes, Library functions, Storage classes
  • Structures and Unions : Similarity and Differences, Pointers to structure variables, Pointer to structure variable arrays, Passing structure variables to functions, Self-referential structures, Size of structure and Union, Structure member alignment  etc.
  • Pre-processor Directives working, Difference between Pre-processor and Functions, Types of Pre-processor Directives
  • File handling, Modes of files, Library functions etc.
  • Miscellaneous concepts -: Dynamic memory allocation, Command line arguments.

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This course is designed to test and build your C programming skills in following ways.

  • The course make you to walk through several small C codes. Each code is specifically designed to make you learn some interesting concept in C programming.
  • The course goes by “Learn By Example” approach. The course contains Question-Answer-Explanation on many topics of C programming.
  • The course will help you to set a strong programming foundation. It will help you to be an expert in C programming. The course will help you to face any IT interview confidently.
  • C++ being super set of C, this Course set a good foundation to learn C++ and other higher programming languages. The Data types, Operators, Control Statements, Arrays, Pointers, Structures are common in C and C++ programming. 

The course contains 15 Topic Quizzes, 2 End Quizzes and 03 Assignments to test your knowledge. It also provides explanation of each answer.

Bonus Content Added in Topic 01 :

i) All Source Codes used in this Course

ii) Source Codes of important C Programs

Who is the target audience?
  • IT graduates willing to get expertise in C programming.
  • Anyone preparing for IT, Coding, Software interviews.
  • One who would like test his/her C programming skills.


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Build & Test C Programming Beginner to Advanced




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