Complete C# Unity 2D & 3D Game Development Masterclass 2018

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Complete C# Unity 2D & 3D Game Development Masterclass 2018


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What Will I Learn?
  • Be able to create ZigZag clone
  • Be able to create flappy bird clone
  • Be able to create augmented reality food menu app like KABAQ
  • Be able to create side scroller ninja game
  • Be able to write basic code or algorithm
  • Should know about C# and programming concepts like functions, loops, etc.
  • Unity 3D and Visual Studio / MonoDevelop

Complete C# Unity 2D & 3D Game Development Masterclass 2018 & Augmented Reality Using Vuforia

Learn how to create video games using Unity, the world-leading free-to-use game development tool. We start super simple so you need no prior experience of Unity or coding! With our online tutorials, you’ll be amazed what you can achieve right from the first moment you start the course.

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Benefit from our world-class support from both other students, and the Mir Imad team who are regularly engaged in the forums and Q&A section. Go on to build several games including:

  • ZigZag Clone: A Top-Down Endless Ball Movement Game with tiles to run the ball on;
  • Ninja Warrior: A Side Scrolling Platformer game with Unity’s Tilemap tool, Animations, Movement and much more;
  • Flappy bird Clone: An endless bird flying game similar to flappy bird;
  • Achievements system: A full fledged achievements system to be used in any game or app;

In Augmented Reality using Vuforia you will learn to build:

  • AR Concepts: How to display 3d models, 2d animations, videos in augmented reality
  • Cloud Recognition: How to utilize the cloud recognition to display videos on target images in runtime
  • AR Menu: An Augmented Reality food menu application like KABAQ;
  • AR Poems: A simple Augmented Reality Poem application for kids;

Apart from full projects there are concept videos as well, where you will be able to learn about different concepts and components in Unity Engine that can be used in different game development scenarios. You will learn how to use the following:

  • Creating 2D and 3D animtations
  • Rigidbody both 2D and 3D
  • Colliders and their usage
  • 3D path finding of AI
  • Standard Assets & Assets store
  • & much more

You will have access to a course forum where you can discuss topics on a course-wide basis, or down to the individual video. Our thriving discussion forum will help you learn and share ideas with other students. Check out our reviews to see how people love this feature.

The course is project-based, so you will not just be learning dry programming concepts, but applying them immediately to real indie games as you go. All the project files will be included, as well as additional references and resources – you’ll never get stuck. There are quality screencasts and more.

For each demo game you build you will follow this process

  • Be challenged to build the entire game yourself.
  • Be shown step-by step how to build it.
  • Be challenged to apply, and re-apply your knowledge regularly.

You will get full lifetime access for a single one-off fee. The creator is qualified and experienced coder and professional game developer, so is able to explain complex concepts clearly, as well as entertain along the way. 

You will learn C#, and in turn build a solid foundation for Object Oriented Programming. By the end of the course you’ll be very confident in the basics of coding and game development, and hungry to learn more.

What this course DOESN’T cover…

Whereas this course is already huge, we can’t possibly cover everything in that time. Here are some things we will not be covering…

  • Performance optimization.
  • Editor plugins or modifications.
  • Physics engine modification*

Anyone who wants to learn to create games: Unity is a fantastic platform which enables you to make production-quality games. Furthermore these games can be created for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Web from a single source!

If you’re a complete beginner, we’ll teach you all the coding and game design principles you’ll need. If you’re an artist, we’ll teach you to bring your assets to life. If you’re a coder, we’ll teach you game design principles.

Dive in now, you won’t be disappointed!

Who is the target audience?

  • Competent and confident with using a computer.
  • Artists who want to learn to bring their assets into games.
  • Some programming experience helpful, but not required.
  • Complete beginners who are willing to work hard.
  • Developers who want to re-skill across to game development.
Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner C# students interested to learn about game development
  • Beginner Unity 3D students
  • Anyone interested in learning how to make augmented reality apps
Complete C# Unity 2D & 3D Game Development Masterclass 2018
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C# Unity 2D & 3D Game Development Masterclass

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