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Interview Faqs & Ans: Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, AngularJS

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Interview Faqs & Ans: Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, AngularJS




What Will I Learn?
  • Ability to answer the interview questions in Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, AngularJS


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  • Basics of Programming

Hello and Welcome To the course :

Interview Faqs & Ans: JavaScript, NodeJs, ReactJs, AngularJs

my name is Satish and currently i work as a software developer in Bangalore, India.

If you are looking for a job as a software developer in JavaScript or Nodejs or ReactJs or AngularJs or If you are planning to improve/refresh your knowledge in any of these technologies. Then, this course is for you.

So, This is basically an interview preparation course wherein You will be learning different interview questions/answers related to the technologies:





Here, Each and every answer to the interview question is explained in detail with utmost clarity such that it will help you to get a hold on the concepts.

The purpose of this course is:

Get you prepared on the different interview questions asked in different technologies dealt in the course.

The objective is not just to make you memorize the answers for the various interview questions, but to make u understand the concepts and purpose behind those concepts.


This will give you a strong hold on the concepts and will help you to improve your confidence in answering any interview questions asked to you. The different set of questions we will be discussing in this course are the actual questions which are asked in the interview process from different companies.

so, if you want to be well prepared for JavaScript, Nodejs, Reactjs, Angularjs interviews and strengthen your conceptual knowledge, then this is the course which will meet your criteria.

Please enroll in the course. We have tried to provide our best. Once enrolled, If you feel the course is not meeting any of your criteria, Please let us know and as per Udemy’s policy,  Please refund the course fee.

Who is the target audience?
  • All Experienced candidates who are looking for jobs and preparing for interviews
  • All Fresh candidates who are looking for jobs and preparing for interviews


Interview Faqs & Ans: Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, AngularJSTop Udemy Courses $9.99 Coupon, Mother's Day Sale 2018


Interview Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, AngularJS




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