Master SQL for Data Reporting and Daily Data Analysis and gain basic Data Science skills.

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SQL: Reporting and Analysis for beginners


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What Will I Learn?
  • Setup SQL Query Environment
  • Retrieve Data using SELECT Statement
  • Remove Duplicate Records
  • Sort Returned Records
  • Analyse data using subqueries
  • Analyse data using nested subqueries
  • Filter data using WHERE Clause
  • Filter data using various operators
  • Report on aggregated data
  • Analyse data from multiple tables


  • Basic SQL
  • Basic Database Concepts

This introductory beginners course will help you master SQL for Data Reporting & daily data analysis by learning how to select,

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filter & sort data, customize output, & how you can report aggregated data from a database!

The course, we will focus on ANSI(American National Standards Institute) SQL that works on

every database like Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.

SQL has become a requirement for most data science jobs that include:

data analyst, BI (Business Intelligence) developer, programmer, database programmer.

SQL will let you communicate with the database and work with your data.

What You will learn include:

  • Writing SQL SELECT Statements
  • Eliminating duplicate rows using DISTINCT
  • Restricting and Sorting Data
  • WHERE clause, wildcard like IN, LIKE
  • Analysing data using various SQL Operators
  • Sorting data  using ORDER BY clause
  • Character Functions
  • Concat   Functions
  • Using LIMIT Operator
  • Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions
  • Using GROUP BY and HAVING Clauses
  • Displaying Data From Multiple Tables
  • inner-join, right outer-join, left outer-join, self-join
  • Analysing data Using Subqueries
  • Analysing data Using nested Subqueries
Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner Data Science Analyst
  • Beginner Data Analyst
  • Beginner Data Engineer
  • Beginner Data Reporting Analyst

Master SQL for Data Reporting and Daily Data Analysis and gain basic Data Science skills.Top Udemy Programming & Development Courses Now 90% Off & Latest $10 Coupon , Web Development ,Mobile App Development,Programming,Android,IOS & Game Development


Master SQL: Reporting and Analysis for beginners



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