PHP for Beginners - Become PHP Expert - Complex CMS Project

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PHP for Beginners – Become PHP Expert – Complex CMS Project


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What Will I Learn?
  • No knowledge of Php is required because, you’ll learn Php from ZERO to HERO in this course
  • You’ll be able to make any CMS Application after completing this course
  • You’ll be able to work as a freelancer online being a Php developer which is very demanding today in the marketplace
  • You’ll be able to get a job in an IT/Web development company as a Php developer


  • You need to have knowledge of HTML
  • You need to have knowledge of CSS
  • You should have knowledge of JavaScript and J Query
  • You should have knowledge of Bootstrap 4

Building a real world project and a very Complex CMS Application using Php & MySQL is such a great experience!

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If you are a beginner then this course is right course for you since in this course I’ll walking you through the basics of Php and MySQL and then we’ll move on to the intermediate level of Php development and then will finally we’ll get into the advanced level of Php, so if you are beginner then you are going to get great knowledge of Php from this course and at the end of this course you’ll be a master of making any web in a dynamic way using Php and MySQL database.


If you are an intermediate student, then this course is also great for you because in this course not only we’re going to cover like how Php and MySQL database works but also we’re gonna do action on making such a really big project where you’ll be building a Complete CMS Application inspired by WordPress, so in that project you’ll know how easy Php is to make that type of Complex CMS Application.

If you are more than an intermediate student then this course is right for you as well, because you are going to know more advanced ways of developing Php applications in a very dynamic way, or you can say in a creative way!


So you will learn the basics of Php, then how Php can be used to work as a dynamic side, and then we’ll be practicing on Php Variables, Arrays, Functions, Custom Functions, Built-in Functions, different types of Loops, we’ll learn different types of statements like if statement, else if statement and switch statement, and then we’ll move forward to our MySQL queries, you’ll learn that what is a MySQL database, what is Phpmyadmin, how MySQL database works, how you can create a database,


how you can create tables, and how you can add data into those tables in the database, after than you’ll learn how you can make a use of Php to insert data into your database after connecting to your database using Php, and you also will learn about deleting data from the database using Php, updating data into the database using Php and finally reading and displaying that data on the web browser from the database using Php.


Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner students who want to become success in the filed of web development
  • Students who want to learn something very powerful today
  • Students who want to earn money by working online as a freelancer
  • Who want to get a Php developer’s job in an IT/Web development company
PHP for Beginners - Become PHP Expert - Complex CMS Project
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PHP Beginners -PHP Expert – Complex CMS Project

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