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Best Udemy Free Courses 2021,PHP,Tech and Progrmming

PHP : Zero to Hero



What Will I Learn?
  • Use HTML to make web pages
  • CSS to format web pages
  • JavaScript to add interactivity to web pages
  • MySQL database to store data
  • SQL to manipulate data
  • PHP to make server side proceesing
  • Connect PHP to database
  • Build e-commerce web site
  • Implement PayPal payment gateway in web site


  • The ability to use web
  • Basics of programming is prefered

Hello every one !!!

This course is designed to go through the required steps to build complete E-commerce web site from scratch and then go to next level of advanced techniques in PHP

It’s not required to have previous knowledge about web site development, this course start from zero knowledge about web development 

It has been divided into six parts :



3- Java Script

4- Database

5- PHP

6- Build E-Commerce web site from login page to payment using paypal

7- Web API and JSON

8- jQuery and AJAX

9- OOP and Three layer design pattern

10- Publishing web site

11- Extra Videos

You can select any part if you already have a knowledge about specific part

PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 1

In this part, I’m going to teach basics of HTML which include

1- Paragraphs and headers

2- Tables, Images and Links

PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 2

In this part, I’m going to teach basics of CSS which include

1- Inline, internal and external

2- ID and Class

3- Bootstrap

4- Templates

3- Div, list and Form

4- Videos and Youtube

PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 3

In this part, I’m going to teach basics of Java scripts which include

1- Variables, Conditions and Loop

2- Functions and Events

3- DOM

4- Time out and Interval

PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 4

In this part, I’m going to teach basics of MySQL database which include

1- Database, Tables and Joins

2- SQL statement

3- Aggregate Functions and Sub Query

4- Import and Export database


Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for IT Students, developers or any interested person in Web sapp development who are looking to develop an interactive web apps

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Learn PHP : Zero to Hero | Web API, PayPal OOP




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