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Asp.net Web Api and Angularjs Development to Deployment

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Asp.net Web Api and Angularjs Development to Deployment



What Will I Learn?
  • Will love to develop web application using ASP .NET Web API and AngularJS


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  • Basic knowledge of C# and Javascript and you need Visual Studio installed in your pc

If you want to be an API based web application developer and want to develop your client side application using angularjs then you are in right track.

In this course you will learn –

  1. How to create an angularjs module and include the module in your web project.
  2. Write angularjs controller and register with the module.
  3. Bind the angularjs module and controller with your view.
  4. How to use ui-route for anchoring.
  5. Create the master layout and render all the sub views in the master layout.
  6. How to use bootstrap in your web application.
  7. How to crate an API.
  8. How HTTP Verbs work.
  9. How api route works.
  10. How to use HTTP Verbs as prefix.
  11. How to use HTTP Verbs as attribute.
  12. How to use route attribute for writing custom route.
  13. How to write connection config and insert data into database.
  14. How to get list of data and show in html table.
  15. How to get single data and show in edit form.
  16. How to update and delete data.
  17. What should you return from API end point.
  18. How should you return from API end point.

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  1. How to show success or error message on a successful or failed API calling.
  2. How to use $resource service instead of $http service for getting, inserting, updating and deleting data.
  3. How to upload file, show uploaded image and show image preview on selecting an image.
  4. How to create pagination.
  5. How to deploy your API application in live server
  6. How to deploy your web site in another live server and connect with your API server.
  7. How to get path and give permission to the directory for uploading files in live server.
Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner C# and Javascript/jQuery developer want to build career as ASP .NET Web API and AngularJS developer
Asp.net Web Api and Angularjs Development to Deployment
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Learn Asp.net Web Api and Angularjs development



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