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AngularJS Made Easy for People in Hurry


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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand AngularJs to develop dynamic web applications in easy way and short time


  • Basic HTML and Javascript knowledge

AngularJS is a javascript framework that enables you to build a dynamic web application.

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Save your time and learn AngularJS in one hour.

This course is designed to teach you the most important information about AngularJS in an easy and fast way.


At the end of this course, you will be asked to build a specific AngularJS application to test your understanding and to give you chance to practice what you have learned.

If you stuck do not worry, we will build this application together at the end.

In this course you will learn :


– Directives

– Module and controllers 

-Two ways data binding


Udemy AngularJS Made Easy for People in Hurry Review

Respected Teacher Ms. Abeer Shiekh Shaaban,

What an excellent teacher you are; i wish and pray that all kids in this world have a teacher like you in their formative years. Thanks to your step-by-step instruction and demonstration of the code, i could code along and reproduce in my system the output of all the examples and the final project. Your explanation about when should we declare a variable using “$scope” and when using “var” was really helpful. Also your guidance about using jQuery when ng-model didnt work with ng-repeat was very enlightening.


While thanking you for your effort in creating this excellent course and your benevolence in sharing it with us for free, i wish and pray that may all your future endeavors also do exceedingly well.


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has backgroundabouthtml and javascript
  • Front-end engineer
  • Developers who want to learn an important Front-end framework to develop dynamic web applications
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Learn AngularJS Made Easy for People Hurry

Hi! I am Brad Traversy. Web developer and HTML5 to front end frameworks like Angular as well as server side technologies like Node.js, PHP and Python.

Full Stack Web Developer & Instructor at Traversy Media Brad Traversy

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