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Build An Advanced Java Swing App Using MySQL

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Build An Advanced Java Swing App Using MySQL



What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to develop GUI applications in Java
  • Learn how to work with MySQL databases with no previous experience
  • Learn how to approach complex tasks and solve problems using best practices
  • Learn how to structure projects


  • Java’s basic syntax

This course will teach you how to create a complex GUI application using Java Swing and MySQL Database.


You will learn how to:

–        Create a Login and Sign Up System that communicates with a MySQL database

–        Use MySQL Workbench

–        Use Swing Layouts to arrage items nicely into a JFrame

–        Structure projects in packages, organizing code in multiple small methods

–        Use a variety of SQL statements and operators, going from a simple SELECT to a complex JOIN (SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT, ALTER, LIKE, JOIN etc.)

–        Create Custom components – you will learn how to create a custom ScrollBar, edit a JTable’s cell to look and act as a JButton and many more!

–        Work with events, going really broad into the subject of Event Handling

–        Work with many component like: JFrame, JPanel, JLabel, JButton, JSpinner, JScrollPane, JTextField, JList, JTable, JComboBox, JSeparator etc.


Who is the target audience?
  • Java developers who are already familiar with Java’s basic syntax

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Build An Advanced Java Swing App Using MySQL


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