RedHat Certified Engineer Exam Cerification

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RHCE Practice Exam Questions (On Exam Version RedHat 7.0)


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What you’ll learn
  • They will know everything to pass RHCE Exam First time


  • Theoretical Knowledge of RHCE Objectives is required+ LAB Set Up with four (Three are mandatory) Virtual Machines

In this course, All Objectives of RHCE exam are covered according to latest exam syllabus on Red Hat official website and Tasks are explained step by step in very details, specially tasks related to user and host access for different services. 

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Tasks explained mimic the real RHCE exam questions but they are not real Exam questions. You will be able to Pass the RHCE exam first time if all the Objectives covered will be well understood and you practice a lot before taking the exam.


Recently Red Hat announced officially that exam will be conducted on Red Hat 7.0 version. I used Server and Client machines on CentOS 7.0 which is exactly same as Red Hat 7.0 . One extra machine client2 is used mostly for testing purposes and is on CentOS7.4 platform.


With the help of this machine , differences are explained between 7.0 and 7.4 (or 7.5) from RHCE exam point of views. This will help people who used latest release for practicing and it is very important for them to know the differences before they take the exam.

I would suggest  to practice on CentOS 7.0 (or Red Hat 7.0) for the exam.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who want to pass the RHCE Certification

RedHat Certified Engineer Exam Cerification


RHCE Practice Exam Question ( Version RedHat 7.0)


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