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HTML CSS and JavaScript for Beginners – Web Design Course



What you’ll learn
  • Create websites using HTML and CSS
  • Create interactive content online using JavaScript
  • How to build real world creative and modern website
  • Coding, tips and resources for best practices to build a professional website
  • Using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and JavaScript
  • Complete source code of final product.



  • No coding experience is necessary
  • Desire to learn HTML CSS and JavaScript
  • Computer access and internet access
  • All resources and source code is provided

Explore how you can create websites from scratch!!!

Step by step course included EVERYTHING YOU NEED to get started and learn all the fundamental core concepts of web deisgn and web development.


BONUS helpful PDF ebook to get you started quickly

Professional training from an instructor with over 20 years of web development experience ready to help you learn and answer any questions you have…..

Course covers everything you need to know about HTML

  • Basic syntax – all the common tags used to develop web content
  • How and where you can write HTML – top resources and links included
  • Learn about HTML structure within web pages
  • Explore HTML5 semantic elements
  • Build your own HTML template
  • Create HTML lists, hyperlinks, and add images
  • Build tables for even more HTML structure
  • Create Forms with in depth form examples and HTML tag explanations
  • Add iframes and more cool HTML elements
  • Create your own mini HTML site using only HTML
  • All this and more.

Course covers everything you need to know about CSS

  • Find the top resources and links to help you learn
  • The basics of styling
  • How to use Classes and ID to select elements
  • Explore ALL the colors for fonts and backgrounds
  • Move content display properties
  • Learn how to apply styling to common HTML like Lists, Tables, and more
  • Everything you need to style your text and make it look fantastic – including Google Fonts
  • Floats to position elements and content
  • The BOX MODEL – padding, margins, border, height, and width for each element
  • CSS positioning
  • Working with Hyperlinks and making it look good
  • CSS Pseudo Class 
Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone who wants to learn web development skills
  • Perfect course for anyone who wants to learn HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about web development
  • Web design beginners

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HTML CSS and JavaScript – Web Design Course

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