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Python Network Programming | Build network scripts & tools

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Python Network Programming | Build network scripts & tools



What you’ll learn
  • Learn Packet Crafting Concepts
  • Learn the basics of Scapy
  • Understand the different types of protocol headers like IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, Ethernet
  • Learn to code different types of protocols with Scapy
  • How to append , send and receive packets at different layers
  • How to integrate Python with Scapy
  • How to make your own network packets like ping, ARP, TCP etc
  • How to integrate Python with scapy to code network packet injectors, network scanners, spoofing tools, network speed testing tools.
  • Practical analysis and verification of the scripts and tools




  • Basic Networking Concepts
  • Command line usage

The course teaches how to script your own network tools using Python and Scapy. Starting from the fundamentals of packet crafting , the course explains how to craft packets with Scapy and how to integrate it with Python to write your own scripts and tools. 


The actual working of the scripts along with detailed explanation of the code is provided.

Who is the target audience?
  • IT Engineers, Network Engineers, Network QA Engineers, Security Engineers, CCNA students


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Python Network Program | Network scripts & tools

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