Learn about the chipKIT development boards.

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Introduction to ChipKIT Development


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What you’ll learn
  • Able to create their own chipKIT designs using the Arduino IDE.
  • Program their chipKIT development board


  • Arduino IDE, this course covers how to download and install the tool.
  • A chipKIT development board, specifically a uC32 or Wi-FIRE.

This course uses the Arduino development environment to develop software and program the chipKIT development boards. There are 2 chipKIT development boards that are shown and used for demonstrations in this course, they are the uC32 and the Wi-FIRE development boards. Most chipKIT and Arduino development boards will work with this course.

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Introduction to ChipKIT Development contains 4 projects that include:

  • Blinky LEDs
  • Button LEDs
  • Knight Rider
  • Hello World

Course Structure

This course consists of lectures and projects, the lectures cover material that is required to understand in order to complete the project. All the projects include the completed code for each project so that you are able to load the code directly into your development board. For each project the software and hardware are explained thoroughly so that it’s very clear how to setup and replicate the project. Prior to each project there is a series of lectures that explain various topics that pertain the the specific projects.

Who is the target audience?
  • Engineers wanting to get familiar with microcontrollers or chipKIT development boards.
  • Hobbyists who enjoy learning about microcontrollers.
  • Makers who want to use the chipKIT development boards in their designs.


Learn about the chipKIT development boards.


Learn about Introduction to ChipKIT Development