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Learn NGINX By Example


What you’ll learn
  • What NGINX is
  • Setup a basic Linux NGINX Web Server for serving static web pages
  • Setup a basic Windows NGINX Web Server for serving static web pages
  • Setup NGINX to proxy connections to another server or port
  • Setup NGINX to Load Balance your Web Site
  • Enable caching on NGINX to improve site performance
  • Generate a Certificate using Let’s Encrypt
  • Setup HTTPS on NGINX


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  • Eagerness to learn NGINX
  • Lab environment if you want to follow along
  • Familiarity with Linux and Windows

In this course we will start from the very beginning and introduce you to what NGINX is. We will then discuss a real world project and how we can use NGINX to setup our site to be scale-able for increased traffic loads. 


Then we will go through and build our servers to host our web page and load balance them using NGINX.  Lastly we will enable caching on our site to increase site performance and then we will secure our site using Let’s Encrypt and HTTPS.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to learn about NGINX
  • Anyone looking to expand their knowledge of Web Servers (NGINX)


Learn NGINX By Example


NGINX By Example | web application environment

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