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Create Your Calculator Learn C Programming Fast

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C Programming Language Foundations Demystified



What you’ll learn

  • Writing basic programs in C programming language
  • Knowing how to read basic Assembly
  • Being able to fearlessly examine the program memory
  • Mastering the Binary Mathematics required for programming C


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  • Know basic arithmetic
  • Having privileges to install software on your computer is optional
  • Be able to type in English
  • Be mentally ready to a step-by-step building of understanding rather than jumping straight to coding


The uniqueness of C and C++ languages is that they are able to operate directly upon the computer memory. However, this strength is often looked upon as something intimidating, for both programmers of other languages and total beginners. 

Some courses of C jump too fast to the syntax of the language and give general explanations about the underlying memory structure which is left for the student to figure out by himself at later stages.

This course tries to fill the gap, by building up the understanding step by step. Instead of just telling you how stuff work in C, this course solves together with you the historical challenges for which the C language was built.Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to become C or C++ programmer
  • C++ Programmers that need to fill the gap of solid C fundamentals
Create Your Calculator Learn C Programming Fast

C Programming Language Foundations Demystified

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