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Be inspired & learn about the future of Cisco and networking. Python, Ansible, Go, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, Network Automation,

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Cisco Live 2019: Inspiration. The future. Python, Ansible ++



What you’ll learn
  • Get inspired to learn and work hard to accomplish your goals
  • Learn about the future of Cisco certifications
  • Is network automation real? Is it hype? Find out.
  • Learn how to progress into a leadership role
  • Learn from the experience and knowledge of others!
  • Learn about Python and Ansible


  • Networking engineer or networking student
  • Interested in the future of Cisco

Join me as I interview network engineers at Cisco Live Barcelona 2018. I ask a lot of difficult questions and get a lot of very interesting answers:

1) Get inspired: Homeless security guard to CCIE: You can’t train ambition: Katherine McNamara shares her story and gives us advice about life, how to get a job, how to get into cybersecurity. Is cybersecurity a good field to get into? Advice for getting a job.Life Advice!

2) Future of Cisco Certifications: The start. Interview with Yusuf Bhaiji (Global Cisco Certifications). What’s happening with Cisco Certifications? Fantastic interview with Yusuf Bhaiji (Sr. Manager, Global Certifications Programs at Cisco). Expect more interviews in the future as things develop.

3) Free Cisco Labs! dCloud Steve tells us about dcloud at Cisco – free Cisco equipment! FREE Cisco labs! This that even possible? Yes, dcloud Steve tells us. You can access Cisco devices for free with dcloud!

4) Reality Check: Is Network Automation hype? Is this stuff actually real? Is Network Programmability just hype? Should you study network automation or is it a waste of time? Great chat with Eric Thiel – a realist. He discusses the reality of Network Automation and Programmability. Is this actually real world?

5) 2019 Career Tips: Leadership principals taught by an amazing leader: Susie Wee shares her wisdom. Susie didn’t want to be a manager. But, she is an amazing leader today – and the proof is clearly shown in the success of Cisco DevNet. I asked her to share her tips for leadership, working with teams and recommended resources. In my personal experience, she is one of the most approachable, kind and dedicated leaders I have ever encountered. Learn from someone who has done it and helped change the culture within Cisco and changed the conversation within networking.

6) What’s the future? Do I have to learn network automation today? Which language? @bigevilbeard shares. Stuart Clark (@bigevilbeard) shares his thoughts about the future, best languages, open source networking and more! Use the menu to jump to specific topics.

7) Want to make contacts and get ahead? Learn to write, communicate and use social media. Want to make contacts with others in the industry? Want to blog for Cisco Devnet? You need to know how to write and communicate! In today’s world, you will often communicate via text and in written form long before meeting people in person. Make the right impression with your writing. Silvia Spiva is the community manager at Cisco Devnet and has over 50,000 Twitter followers! She knows how to communicate, and in this video, she shares tips on how you can also.

8) Are certs worth it in 2019? What is SD-WAN? The Network Therapist (Bryan Byrne) explains! Bryan Byrne (@bryan25607) shares his thoughts about Cisco certifications, is automation worth learning, what is SD-WAN and a lot more!

9) CCNA can change your life! Hit the books and put in the hours! And use social media to get known! Bertie says: “If you are stuck in a rut, hit the books, put in the hours and you will receive the rewards!” and “You cannot go and work for someone 8 hours a day and then go home and not work on your own dreams!

Note: Travel and conference access courtesy of Cisco.

Who this course is for:
  • Network Engineers
  • Networking students
  • Network Architects
  • Anyone preparing for Cisco exams
  • Anyone wanting to learn about network automation


Be inspired & learn about the future of Cisco and networking. Python, Ansible, Go, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, Network Automation,


2019: Inspiration. The future. Python, Ansible ++

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