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Boost your web development skills by Building a modern responsive website using just HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

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Build a Professional Website using HTML, CSS & Bootstrap



  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • A computer with internet connection
  • A cup of coffee

In this course I will teach you an step by step process of building a website using just HTML, CSS and Bootstrap only.  This course is specially designed for students who have learned some basics of html and CSS but unable to put together the knowledge in building professional web projects.

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In this course Learn how to build an awesome website using HTML, CSS & Bootstrap

Everything you learn in this course will help you in steering your knowledge and polish your skills that will help in starting a career as a web developer. Even if you are the advance level of HTML and CSS this course is equally important to you as knowing computer languages and applying them in real projects are two different things. 

What are you going to learn from this course:

Setting up Development environment:

  • Choose your code editor
  • Downloading Bootstrap & Install Bootstrap Latest Version
  • Downloading and setting up Jquery
  • Learn how to Linking Bootstrap and jquery files to HTML
  • Verifying the working of Bootstrap files

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Bootstrap Grid System:

  • Understanding Bootstrap Grid system

Writing default CSS Style for our website

Website Navigation:

  • Let’s create Navigation Bar ( Navbar ) For a Responsive website for Better User Experience
  • Styling of navbar in CSS
  • Styling login box in CSS

Create the Header

  • Header HTML 
  • Styling the Header
  • Learn how to make Header Responsive
  • Creating services section
  • Styling the services Section
  • Sales section layout building and Styling
  • .Pricing section layout building
  • Pricing section styling in CSS
  • Mission section layout building
  • Styling the Mission section in CSS

Client Section

  • Client section layout
  • Client section styling

Team section:

  • Team section layout building
  • Team section styling

Creating our awesome contact form:

  • Contact form HTML
  • Contact form styling

Website Footer:

  • Footer layout
  • Footer styling

Animating the content of our site:

  • Setting up wow.js file for animation
    Animating your HTML Elements

    What Will You Learn?

  • Will develop the front end of responsive websites with animations
  • Using bootstrap framework in complex sites and getting comfortable in it.
  • Making your website responsive in all devices
  • Understand how to create layouts in bootstrap grid system
  • Using HTML and CSS Professionally to Advance level in Developing websites
  • Adding awesome animations to your web elements.
  • Create beautiful login box

Build Creative Website Using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery & Bootstrap


Most of the concepts I teach you in this project based course can be applied in making tons of other websites, the key point is to learn the process. 

Following things will be polished upon taking this course: 

  • Using HTML to create web page and CSS to apply styling & learn to use CSS.
  • Learn more about Bootstrap Header, Bootstrap CSS & Bootstrap Grid system
  • Learn to create advanced Footers in Bootstrap
  • How to use Bootstrap framework and getting comfortable in using it up to the professional level.
  • Creating amazing Navbar and login boxes.
  • Using google fonts in your site.


  • Using Animations in your site to increase website interactivity and viewer engagement.
  • How to make the website responsive in all devices.
  • Creating beautiful buttons in your website.
  • Creating responsive animating contact form.

I promise this course will be a big value addition in your learning process and will steer you to the success in your web development career.

It would be wonderful if you could provide review for this course and give your valuable input for this course to get improve further. feel free to ask questions.


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has very basic understanding of writing code in HTML and CSS
  • Anyone who wants to extend his knowledge by building a practical project
  • People who are serious in starting their career as a web developer
Boost your web development skills by Building a modern responsive website using just HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
Learn Professional Website HTML, CSS & Bootstrap

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