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A Prerequisite to Learn Machine Learning

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Python for Machine Learning



What you’ll learn
  • Python Programming for Machine Learning



  • Some basic knowledge in Programming concepts like Writing Conditional Statements, Loops, etc.,

Python Programming Concepts like

     – Operators

     – Math Library

     – Variables

     – Dynamic Types

     – Data Types

    – Type Casting

    – Data Types Changes

    – Strings

    – Boolean

    – Special Characters in a String

    – Split and Strip Methods

    –  Introduction to Lists

    – Lists Slicing

    – Lists – Builtin Functions

    – String and Boolean Lists

    – Concatenate Strings Using Join Method

    – Mixed Lists

   –  Add Two Lists

   –  Nested Lists

   –  Introduction to Dictionary

   –  Dictionary & It’s Methods

   –  Nested Dictionary

   –  Create Dictionary using Zip Method

   –  Sets

   –  Tuples

   – If…Else..If Condition

   – While Loop

   –  Range Method

   –  ………..Lot More…

Who this course is for:
  • Students, who want to learn Python Programming to get into Data Science or Machine Learning


A Prerequisite to Learn Machine Learning


A Prerequisite to Learn Machine Learning Guide

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