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Fundamentals of PowerShell

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Powering you with PowerShell




What you’ll learn
  • Do great programming with short lines of code in PowerShell


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  • Be able to use Windows and launch programs
  • Desire to learn development

This course is targeted for new developers or administrators wanting to learn PowerShell. PowerShell can be a very good way to learn Programming too. You will learn how to call existing Commands in PowerShell, how to find commands and how to search commands.


Then, you will learn the programming basics like Variables, Loops and Functions.

The Course is divided into Three Sections.

Section 1 is like a Lecture describing the concepts in PowerShell and you can close your eyes and listen

Section 2 is the best way to learn by watching and getting ready to face the world. If you have your own Windows PC, launch PowerShell and try the commands.


Section 3 shares my real world experiences in PowerShell and how PowerShell helps to solve many problems. PowerShell is very powerful to save time of many manual tasks that takes days to be automated in 1 hour of coding and executing. Learn from my mistakes and do not repeat them!


Who this course is for:
  • Beginners to Programming wanting to learn Programming with simple tool
  • Wanting to do some coding and not english writing or syntax fixing


Fundamentals of PowerShell


Fundamentals Powering you with PowerShell

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