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Learn and understand every Angular concept in a few hours

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Learn Angular in a Day



What you’ll learn
  • Angular





  • Elementary HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge

Hello everyone. You probably heard that Angular is currently one of the hottest software technologies in the web world. And this is not a coincidence because Angular offers so much of functionalities for you client side project.


Whether you are beginner or professional interested in web technologies and want to learn Angular as fast as possible then this course is for you.


I know there’s a plethora of courses about Angular. And a lot of them last for 30, 40 hours. This course lasts approximately 4 hours so you can examine it in a day and then be ready to start with you own projects. Through this course I’ll show you examples and mention use cases for each entity in Angular such that nothing has been overlooked.


I’m glad to see you here and hope that you will enjoy and learn a lot in the following lectures.

Who this course is for:
  • Everyone interested in web technologies


Learn and understand every Angular concept in a few hours

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