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Automate your cloud infrastructure and learn configuration management tools from scratch in this Master Chef Tutorial

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Understanding Chef: The Practical Guide




Shouldn’t designing your cloud infrastructure be as easy as pie? Are you tired of having to put out fires where creating your machines are concerned? Well, no more! Chef is the perfect solution for creating some sweet and saucy cloud infrastructures.

Configuration is often the most difficult part of designing an infrastructure, making it harder for developers to dictate how your infrastructure should look, function and finally deploying it across multiple networks, well with Chef, kiss your troubles away.


What is Chef?

Chef is a collection of tools that are known as ‘configuration management tools’, which help you code exactly how your infrastructure should look, behave and evolve. With chef, you will get to design your infrastructure to exactly how you want it. A blueprint, known as a cookbook, will define the exact instructions that you want all your machines to follow.

Do you want to become a master chef? Well, here is where you can start! We are offering everything you need to learn Chef. Our ‘Understanding Chef’ is not just another course that will simply show you the ropes of Chef with a few examples, but rather our course has been designed from scratch to take you on the journey of learning Chef and mastering this amazing set of tools.


In this course, you will dive into Chef and become familiar with it as you build a complete real-world example from the ground up. The course is a long lab that will take you through the features and functions of Chef by building an actual LAMP stack. Our hands-on approach to the course, will not only help you learn the basics but also actively build components on the development stack such as Apache Web Server, MySQL server, and PHP.


You will not only learn how to work your way around Chef, but also how to write your own blueprint, design your system from the ground up and even deploy it on multiple stacks.

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

  • What is Chef and how does it work?
  • Components of Chef including the development kit and Test Kitchen Tool
  • The Chef server
  • How to write your own Cookbook
  • How to deploy instructions to bring nodes to its desired state
  • How to Design and deploy a complete infrastructure from scratch on an actual LAMP stack.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig deep and dive in to building some tasty development recipes!



  • Chef
  • LAMP stack
  • Cloud designing


  • Learn to setup web infrastructure using Chef
  • Master core concepts of provisioning and configuration management
  • Learn practical applications of Chef
  • Ace the Chef certification exam


  • Basic knowledge of Linux is important to complete the courseKnowledge of tool like vagrant is a plus



Automate your cloud infrastructure and learn configuration management tools from scratch in this Master Chef Tutorial


Understanding Chef: cloud infrastructure Tutorial

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