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Learn concepts from Angular 2,4,6,7,8. This course is so professional, it will make you millionaire in coming few days.

Angular,Tech and Progrmming

Angular – Basic to Professional



What you’ll learn
  • Code : every explanation is proved and demonstrated by coding it
  • Why Angular : Understanding traditional DOM and need of Angular
  • GIT Integration : How do you integrate your code with github
  • Fantastic Javascript : Javascript brush up from Basic to Advance
  • And Typescript For rescue : Typescript brush up from Basic to Advance
  • Smart Way, Angular CLI : Understanding of CLI and its different commands
  • Wow There is something called as Components : Components are explained and coded in detail
  • View Encapsulation : Exploring the internals of view and encapsulation strategies with use cases
  • Databinding : Explanation of Property, Event and Two way binding with examples
  • Custom Components : Minute details of creating own components and using it
  • Directives : Everything is directive. Explained Attribute and Structural Directives in detail
  • Lifecycle Hooks : How angular manages lifecycle for Directives and Components ?
  • Services : Data Sharing between components, Use of Event Emitter
  • Routing : From setting up the routes to lazy loading every aspect is covered in detail
  • Project Structure : dividing you big project into many modules. Understanding of feature modules and lazy loading
  • Forms : as per business need how do we choose template and data driven forms
  • Observables : what is reactive design pattern and coded in detail
  • HTTP : what is web service, what is HTTP, how to consume it in angular.
  • Pipes : data presentation and creating custom pipe
  • Build and Deployment : finally creating builds and deploy it.




  • Little knowledge of Javavascript programming language
  • Moderate Interest in Front End Dvelopment
  • Ample of curiosity, learner and student attitude

Learning in the classroom is well proven way of learning. By considering importance of classroom training; we have taken another approach while creating this series. These are simply screen recordings of the classroom lectures which are conducted really in the classroom.


We have tried to maintain authenticity classroom environment as much as possible and we hope you will love our way which is fusion of online and classroom training.

We will teach you Angular as you are learning in classroom, you will get to know each and every concept at very much deeper level.


Just follow me and I will make you Angular expert in just 70 Videos. Check our Reviews before enrolling to the course on Google or Facebook. We hope you will love our series and become angular expert

I am thanking in advance for enrolling for our Angular Course.


Who this course is for:
  • Beginners : Each and every concept is explained and coded in detail. This approach is really beneficial for those who are willing to learn Angular from scratch.
  • Experience : Those who have built some web apps but still willing to know more or understand what exactly they have implemented ? How things work behind the curtain ? This course will explore minute details to experts and professionals.

Learn concepts from Angular 2,4,6,7,8. This course is so professional, it will make you millionaire in coming few days.


Learn concepts from Angular 2,4,6,7,8 Professional

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