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Create any android app that you want and land your first job as a professional android developer


What you’ll learn
  • Complete android development
  • Java language
  • Kotlin
  • Php language for writing a backend
  • google firebase
  • git
  • publishing process
  • working with hardware and sensors
  • Professional testing
  • Working with external libraries like Retrofit and OAuth
  • MVVM Architecture
  • a ton more


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  • A passion for learning

100+ hours of video tutorial

This course starts with the baby steps like installing android studio and will go up to the point that the student can apply for job offers and of course win them all.


You will create 5 professional applications during the course which you can present in your portfolio.

I have covered both Java and kotlin and you don’t need to have any prior experience in programming to take this course.


I have covered everything you need in order to become a professional android developer and apply for jobs with a variety of skills and also create your own application, whether that is an online shop, restaurant management, a new version of uber or a social media.


I have covered writing both front end and back end for android applications. something that you won’t see in most courses.

I have covered things like github, firebase, clean architecture, working with different sensors and hardware, publishing process and a lot more. you can see the importance of every session in different skills that a job offer requires.


Take a look at the course contents and let’s start the Complete android development course for 2019

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who want to land their first job as an android developer
  • Intermediate students who want to complete their knowledge
  • Experts who want to have a reference and stay up to date
Create any android app that you want and land your first job as a professional android developer

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