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Learn Java 10, 8 from scratch. Ideal for testing professionals transitioning to DevOps or Automation. Java for Selenium.

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The Complete Core Java Course (Java 10, 8)




What you’ll learn
  • Java 8,10. You will learn Java programming through practical sessions.
  • New to coding? No worries. This course covers coding from scratch.
  • Ideal for professionals transitioning to DevOps wanting to get a coding booster
  • Perfect course for manual testers aspiring to switch into automation world
  • More than enough concepts covered for professionals learning ‘Java for Selenium’
  • Get an in-depth understanding of basic & advanced Java concepts
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOPS)
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • No PPTs. Programming Oriented Sessions.


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  • No prior coding experience required. Anyone willing to start learning coding can take this course.

Hi Friends, this course is specially designed for students who do not have prior coding experience. Course covers basic to advanced concepts of Java with practical examples.

Course outline:

  1. Introduction to JAVA   
  2. What’s new in Java 10?
  3. JDK and Eclipse IDE Installation   
  4. Understanding basics of Eclipse IDE and Java sample programs   
  5. Primitive Data Types in Java (Different types of Variables in Java)
  6. Arithmetic Operators   
  7. Logical Operators   
  8. Relational Operators
  9. Bitwiese Operators
  10. IF – Else Statements   
  11. Switch Case Statements   
  12. While & Do While Loop
  13. For Loop & Nested For Loop
  14. String Operations in Java
  15. String Builder in Java
  16. Scanner in Java
  17. Methods in Java
  18. Classes and Objects 
  19. Data Encapsulation in Java
  20. Concept of Constructor
  21. Constructor Overloading in Java
  22. Enums in Java
  23. Understanding ‘Static’ Keyword   
  24. Access Modifiers in Java: Public, Private, Protected   
  25. Inheritance 
  26. Polymorphism 
  27. Method: Overloading & Overriding   
  28. Java Abstract Class & Method 
  29. Interface in Java
  30. Concept of Final Keyword
  31. Type Casting in Java
  32. Working with Arrays
  33. Array List and Linked List
  34. Hash Map in Java
  35. Hash Set in Java
  36. Concept of Loop Iterator
  37. Array of Objects
  38. Regular Expressions in Java
  39. Concept of special / modified ‘For Loop’
  40. Working with Lists and Collection Objects
  41. Exception Handling in Java (Try-Catch)
  42. Throws vs Throw
  43. Date and Time Operators
  44. Working with Files
  45. Programming with Text Files
  46. Programming with Excel Files
  47. GIT

**I will be updating more topics to this outline as per changing trends in technology**

For the best video streaming quality, please adjust the resolution from ‘settings’ at bottom right-hand corner of video player. Choose 1080p or 720p as per your network speed.

To get the maximum benefit from the course, please take a look at following steps explaining ‘How to take this course?’

Step 1:  Schedule 30-45 minutes of your time daily for 5 days a week. ‘Continuity’ is the key.

Step 2:  All sessions are divided in small videos of less than 20 minutes. Watch 2-3 videos daily.

Step 3:  Hands-on exercise is very important. So, immediately try out the programs discussed in the session, on your own. You can download these programs from lecture resources.

Step 4: Assignments with answer keys are provided where-ever necessary. Complete the assignments before jumping on to the next sessions.

Step 5:  If you come across any questions or issues, please feel free to contact me and I will make sure that your queries are resolved.

Wish you all a very happy learning.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn coding
  • Manual Testing Professionals
  • Selenium Testers
  • Automation Aspirants
  • Getting started with programming world

Learn Java 10, 8 from scratch. Ideal for testing professionals transitioning to DevOps or Automation. Java for Selenium.

Learn The Complete Core Java Course (Java 10, 8)

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