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Apply neuromarketing, Persuasion and consumer psychology to write persuasive stories that sell (Neuro-story system)

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Brand Storytelling (neuromarketing & psychological approach)




What you’ll learn
  • How to tell an engaging persuasive story that sells your products (Neuromarketing of storytelling)?
  • Pen and Paper

NEURO-STORY©  System: Scientifically proven 7 steps system to craft the best persuasive brand story in less than 60 mins

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Even if it is your first time to write a story.

  • How to tell Stories that inspire and motivate your customers to buy your product? (Brand storytelling)
  • Super simple steps to write an engaging story based on Neuromarketing and Customers Psychology.
  • Why good stories engage the brain? ( Neuromarketing of story telling)
  • How to tell Stories that engage the hearts and the brains of your customers?
  • What steps you can apply to craft an irresistible story that sells?
  • How to tell Stories that inspires and motivate your customers to take action?
  • Why do you have to take time in crafting the best story? and How to avoid being perfectionism  while writing?

Why this course?

  • The market is flooded with a dizzying array of books, experts, and resources on business storytelling. This course cuts through the hype to clarify and demystify the storytelling process.
  • offers step-by-step instructions for finding, shaping and telling powerful stories. You’ll learn about the essential ingredients that go into any good story and how to avoid common storytelling pitfalls.
  • All the experts suggest you tell stories — but no one tells you how.
  • People forget facts, but they never forget a good story. Unfortunately it’s never that simple, though.

What is the  Neuro-story© System? and what are you going to know in this course?

1- How to hijack the brain and the hearts (6 principles of neuroscience and the psychology of great story … plus tips to apply in writing your persuasive brand story)

2- The seven story pieces and how to craft each piece.

3- Arranging the seven pieces in a persuasive way according to the Neuro-Story© system

4- Edit, proof read and share your story.

What this course is NOT about!

  • It is not about public speaking although you will find some golden nuggets of tips and tricks that will help you in public speaking.
  • It is not about novel writing or children story writing (actually it is not about writing at all)
  • It is not about video storytelling or social media story telling but you’ll find the tips and tricks in this course very useful.

If you are wondering why am I qualified to teach neuromarketing, behavioural psychology and storytelling… Let me tell you a little about me (Some not so humble bragging)

My name is Heba which means a gift …

Five years ago, dissecting real brains was my morning routine after coffee. ( No need for goosebumps … It was Lab animals’ Brains with me wearing white lab coat and surgical gloves).

Imagine holding that pink-grayish brain tissues in your hands … wondering how this small sticky squashy organ controls your emotions and your decisions.

In my previous life … I was a neuroscientist (I had a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in behavioral Neuro-Pharmacology). I had five Scientific medical publications, Published in 5 of the most respectful international medical journals.

Five years ago, with a full cup of Strong Coffee and a sink full of dishes, my entrepreneurial Journey started with my first website (which is not in English).

Where I helped Mothers (who are fighting like a ninja) to be more productive and happier with her children? I have 84000+ Mothers following my Page and 6000+ Moms subscribers to my blog as well as 2000+ moms enrolled in my courses. A novel or (course in a story) and five children stories are my left-behind legacy in the field of Motherhood.

With a bigger cup of stronger coffee and more dishes in the sink Plus many business and marketing lessons from my first business. I started a second Entrepreneurial Adventure… it is the adventure of the neuro-psychology of business to gain the hearts and the brains of the customers…

***Important NOTE***

****This course is not about the technology … it is about the Psychology and storytelling.****

*****There is NO technical tutorial or how to technically setup your social media or how to use any other tools.****

******Please, check the preview videos before enrolling to check my accent and English and to be sure that you are happy with my teaching style so that you save your time ******

******* You are Backed by 30 day money back guarantee by Udemy. So no risks for you.*******

A simple step by step blueprint you can use to write an engaging story.

P.s. This course is simple short step by step course (beginner’s level) for Brand Story telling.

P.P.S. Worksheets are included to help you in all the steps.

Signup today, and start telling YOUR own stories…

May the storytelling Force be with you.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Online influencers

Apply neuromarketing, Persuasion and consumer psychology to write persuasive stories that sell (Neuro-story system)


Brand Storytelling (neuromarketing & psychological)

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