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Learn to develop professional Angular Apps using TDD

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Testing Angular Apps – The Complete Guide



A small app or website is easy to handle, major problem arises when the app or website gets bigger and more complex. As more features are added to the website, the codes get more and more complex.



However, you cannot keep rewriting the entire codes, which is why you need to add, modify, tweak and even remove some bits and pieces of codes. But what if this bits and pieces of coding break your website? This is where testing plays an important part on your growing website.

Testing is the fine line that ensures that the code you write or add plays well with the code already present. And in case they don’t, testing will let you know that the codes don’t work well together and may require you making some changes.


While Java is one of the most popular languages to use for testing, Angular is rising up to the challenge as well. While writing manual codes are good when the program you are testing is is small, writing more and more codes for bigger cases isn’t easy and is definitely time consuming. So, test-driven development allows you to build a codebase that can conduct automatic testing for you.


Angular Testing further simplifies the process of testing by making it even easier. Using TypeScript, Angular offers a much richer development ecosystem. It allows an environment for testing multiple scenarios, as well as simulation of server-side requests and abstraction of the Document Object Model (DOM).

So, if you want to stop having to worry about testing and your app breaking, then we’ve got the course for you! In this course, we will take a look the Angular Test-Driven Development environment and how you can use it make your developing life easier.


The course uses a practical approach with detailed theory that backs it up to ensure you get a holistic learning experience. The course will cover a number of different segments including the different testing components, forms, tests, and so on before moving on to the useful libraries that significantly lower the number of hours you set up designing the environment.

At the end of this course, you will no longer have to worry about having to test your apps and website, while being able to test multiple scenarios to build a faster and a better app.


What you’ll learn about in this course:

  • An introduction into Test Driven Development with Angular
  • Different testing components, forms, e2e tests, etc.
  • Testing third-party services
  • Useful libraries including Jasmine, Karma, Protractor, Faker
  • Specifics of testing Angular applications
  • How to conduct end-to-end testing



  • Angular
  • TDD


  • Learn Test Driven Development in Angular
  • Learn core concepts of TDD
  • Learn to test components and models
  • Learn to test forms and services



  • Basic knolwedge of JavaScript is required to complete the course.


Learn to develop professional Angular Apps using TDD


Learn Testing Angular Apps – The Complete Guide

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